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If you’ve checked out my Instagram you may have a hint that I’m more than obsessed with not only leopard, but with slip on sneakers.  Lately this style has completed my on-the-go schedule. Here are just a few of my pics that great are spring, but also will bring you right into summer. In addition to my leopard Steve Madden pair & I’m looking forward to adding metallics & florals to the mix.  Which is your favorite?

Do You Calypso? Reinvention


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Maya Angelou, dressing room

{Maya Angelou in her dressing room. photo by G. Marshall Wilson}

I’m a little behind on this, but did you know Dr. Maya Angelou used to be a Calypso dancer & singer?

I came across a picture on my Pinterest of her backstage at one of her concerts and I had to know more. After a Google search, I came across this clip of her on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.


Isn’t her voice magnificent?  I’m always amazed how people reinvent themselves. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the creative process. Sometimes as an artist you wake up and realize you’ve become a bit complacent.  You forget that your personal growth and yearning for knowledge is the only way to become a better artist.  When I see someone like Maya Angelou; someone who has her reinvented her life & career again and again, it just goes to show how many of us hold ourselves back for the sake of a ‘traditional’ career trajectory.

“A truly creative person rids him or herself of all self-imposed limitations”- Gerald Jampolsky

For a moment I forgot that my career is limitless. And so it seems…..I  still got a lot of learnin’ & livin’ to do. Don’t count me out just yet.



Gimme The Music: Diana Ross


I’m in love these songs. Heck, I’m in love with Diana Ross.  In fact I’m surprised that I’ve yet to sing any of her songs at karaoke. When I was about 10, I used to put on her album before my parents got home, and strut around in my mom’s heels like I was a supermodel. All I needed was a butt grazing curly wig. I suppose I had undercover diva aspirations. Watching this video of Diana Ross singing “I’m Coming Out” and “The Boss” brings back so many memories.

Leave it to Diana to have an amazing entrance.  I swear if I had the opportunity to enter a stadium with a spotlight, a floor length white glittery dress, and a white mink coat, I would be all over it.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if I took my stilettos out and did a few struts in my living room in front of my dogs before the hubby came home, you’d be right. Twice in fact. Don’t you judge.

Don’t you dare judge.



Festival Time in Los Angeles


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So for the past few years I’ve entertained the thought of going to Coachella, but I’ve yet to attend.  I’m sure I’d have a great time, but honestly, I’m not sure if I’m up for 95-100 degree dry heat 3 days in a row.  After 14 years in Los Angeles, this Texas girl has NOT forgotten how sweating your ass off in a heatwave can zap the fun out of damn near anything.  However, this year I have a pretty good reason, the hubby and I are saving are money for our one big trip this year; two weeks in Italy as a belated honeymoon and to celebrate our first anniversary.

Festival Wear  CoachellaF21skirt2

So…. no Coachella for me, but the weather has been quite nice & breezy in Los Angeles this week so I decided to dress as if I’m going to Coachella. Using the Fotor online filter program for the first time, I tried to give these pics a ‘music festival vibe’. I know, it’s not quite the same, but if I play Outkast’s last album and drive around with my sunroof open, it’s almost like being there. Almost.

Festival Wear CoachellaFestival Wear CoachellaFestival wear Coachella[Tank: Target (similar), Skirt: F21, Sandals: DSW, Sunnies: H&M (similar), Bracelet & Necklace: Jewelmint]


Always Half Full


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Glass half full empty whiskey

It’s March and it’s my 1st post of 2014?? Wow. I didn’t expect to be away so long but I ended up with some crazy gastrointestinal issues due to taking too much aspirin from back pain. No doubt an interesting way to start off the year, but when you’re sick you have a lot of time to think. I admit it was a little a depressing to miss auditions and work, and especially for a foodie like me to give up all of the foods I loved because they gave me horrible acid reflux and heartburn. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a a good steak, and old fashioned and a piece of chocolate cake during this time.

I was losing weight rapidly, and sleeping the days away because I did have energy to do much else.  I was indeed looking at life as being half-empty. But thanks to my nurse/hubby I was reminded to keep my chin up, and to be grateful for the little things.

So here’s what I’m grateful for:

-Losing 18 lbs, and in the process gaining more energy and more restful sleep.

-Improving my eating habits.

-Another birthday with wonderful friends, and my new hubby.

-Booking my second co-star gig on “How I Met Your Mother”

….and many, many more things that I won’t list right now. But enough about me, what are you grateful for?





We’z married! Two months strong

{The morning after the wedding}

{The morning after the wedding}

You know life is sometimes so frickin’ awesome that you want to soak up every laugh, every look, every taste and scent and moment for yourself instead of focusing on documenting everything. That’s how I felt leading up to my wedding day October 13th.  My eyes were practically falling out of my head from stalking dozens of wedding Pinterest boards. I was so busy working, planning, auditioning,  taking acting class and switching between moments of pure excitement and pure stress that I decided it was best I just succumb to what was going in my life and actually enjoy it. All of it. The good and the bad. So I stopped blogging.

In that time, I experienced the the best day of my life. I tell ya, it’s weird being called a wife, and I’m still getting used to hearing the word ‘husband’ come out of my mouth.  A word that now is referencing someone I’m married to!  Today is my 2 month wedding anniversary. and seemed like the perfect time to come back to  redvelvetandwhiskey. I’ll be returning back to blogging slowly, but surely. I intend to post pictures from the wedding soon.  But for right now, I’m just a little busy enjoying married life.

Tulle Time


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My Pinterest obsession is still going strong, and lately I’ve noticed a love affair for  tulle skirts. I’m not sure what brought on the resurgence, but my love for it has always stemmed from my childhood days of ballet recitals; knowing that all of my hard work would eventually provide me the opportunity to feel like a real ballerina once I stepped into my dreamy tutu.

If I could, I would wear definitely try to incorporate a tutu into my everyday look. Maybe with a cute pair of booties, or with light sweater.

{via Pinterest}

{via Pinterest}

Tulle Skirt Outfit



Tule skirt outfit



How would you wear it?


Redvelvetandwhiskey Bridal: Naked Cakes


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When it came to the deciding the style of our wedding cake, it was the one of the many tasks that was was pretty much a cake walk (get it?). I’ve been in love with the ‘naked’ cake look for a while now. I’m not into cakes with too much pizazz.  At the end of the day I don’t want my cake to be drowned in frosting. I like the idea of seeing exactly what I’m about to eat.  I was drawn to Superfine Bakery because of their strong commitment to quality ingredients.  Owner and Baker Andrea Boudewijn is not only amazingly talented, but super sweet and considers herself a  food purist and offers the best for her clients.

{photo via}

{photo via}

{photo via}

{photo via}

The tasting was amazing! We started off by tasting some of her Fleur de Sel caramels. They were the best I’ve ever had! Then on the the cake.  Her flavors are subtle , but extremely flavorful: champagne, pink velvet, almond, and chocolate cake, with complimentary frosting flavors.  So good!

{cake tasting at Superfine Bakery}

{cake tasting at Superfine Bakery}

We finally decided upon a naked version of her tuxedo cake topped with her homemade gooey Fleur de Sel caramel! My taste buds are doing backflips just thinking about this cake!

Funny Friday: What If Women Could Open Jars?


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My husband-to-be and I and I have had this long running discussion about female solidarity, which always seems to draw a common conclusion; if all women could band together for while,  and eliminate the cattiness, then maybe…… just maybe, women could actually rule the world, and have men completely under our thumb. He thinks the key is women being able to open jars for themselves.  Funny thought huh?

And so SCC Comedy‘s latest video, Jar Technology was born.

Check out the video! And tell me, do you agree?


Patriotic Inspiration


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I can’t believe The Fourth of July is already upon us.  My day will start with a couple of hours at work in the morning, but afterwards I’m looking forward to hanging with friends and chowing down on some good grub. In the meantime, these images are definitely putting me in a patriotic mood.

Patrioticcollage{images via Pinterest, Eclectic Recipes, Shoemint}

Still not in the mood? Here’s some James Brown to get you there:

James Brown- “Living In America”

Happy Fourth!


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